Eamonn is a writer and sound manipulator from Knoxville, TN.  He is a classically trained pianist and a self trained producer, composer, mixer and podcaster.

He has been podcasting since the inception of the fna show in 2006.


Sieis Podcast: ephemeral, instrumental soundscapes exploring the creative undertow.

The idea for a new podcast began to stir during the early months of 2011.  After a long absense from his debut podcast, the fna show, Eamonn wanted to create a new, all instrumental show that was brief enough to be easily digestible and dynamic enough to intrigue.

The Sieis Podcast's expressed intent is the production of dynamic musical compositions which seek to affect sentiment through sonic exploration.  It is a fickle phantasm whose substance is made whole through reflection.

Sieis is painful and fragile; striving to study rather than recoil.

Best experienced through headphones.



The fna show


The fna show podcast began in the fall of 2006 as a haphazard comedy show but shortly thereafter began to shift and change.

Currently, the fna show continues to be an experiment in sound, as was always the intended purpose.  The crucifixion of complacency is the number one goal and with that in mind, fna trudges forward.
Its current format is one of scripted narrative and/or song whose content ranges from rants regarding squirrels (fna 18) to stories about walking with old people (fna 35).  


All shows and internet content are composed, scripted, performed, recorded and mixed by Eamonn.


Fna is the creative bedrock from which The Sieis Podcast now flows.