When are things good enough? It really matters a lot what the things are we’re talking about. When I married my wife, we were both very sure that our relationship was good enough to imagine, albeit at least at that moment in time, marriage and life together and kids and all that. Sure, that decision differs depending on who you ask, but generally for many and definitely for us, it was a huge choice and it mattered a lot to both of us to get it right. [Read More]

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Transistor ftw

Greetings So, I use Transistor and they’re wonderful. This here is an affiliate link, but please do check them out. I’ve been with old and new podcasting companies since 2006 when I first started my adventures in audio, and Transistor has a wonderful combination of nailing the basics with a great user experience as well as giving some nice perks like unlimited show creations «–this is what made me sign up with them. [Read More]